The current president of Kuwaiti Free Football and the leading dentist in the Middle East. Meet the multi-talented superstar: Dr. Ali Al-Saqoubi

The star of the young dentist, Dr. Ali Al-Saqoubi, comes from wealthy origins, as he will not have to work a single day to spend his life in luxury. Most of the people in his position would be content with a life of nothingness and total comfort! Meanwhile, he is professionally active as a dental surgeon, supports young medical students and is also involved in promoting free football in Kuwait as President of Sports. Overall, it creates a wonderful ongoing success story that inspires many around the world.

The Kuwaiti man is considered a sports legend when it comes to performing ball tricks (free football) and the previous Expo held here in Milan, Italy saw his unique talent for performing incredible moves and tricks with the ball!

Dr. Ali Al-Saqoubi, a remarkable dentist, was awarded a prestigious scholarship from the government of Kuwait for his distinguished academic achievements to complete his studies in dentistry abroad. The talented young dentist has completed rigorous training as a student at one of the best dental schools in England, to obtain a master’s degree in dental surgery. You might think it’s not a big deal, but winning the coveted title for the UK’s Most Talented Dental Student actually speaks for a lot.

Ali Al-Saqoubi is committed to helping young dental graduates (to improve their skills). Attend each scientific conference related to dental surgery to learn about the latest technological developments to provide the best treatment for your patients. His passion for continuous learning and exceptional talent in the field enabled him to become one of the most sought-after dentists in the region. He is young, charismatic, handsome and admired, whose activities go beyond dental treatment.

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How did you become a professional soccer player?

The young dentist was a talented soccer player, but after an injury that limited his career on the field, he learned the art of soccer called Freestyle (a sport that focuses on doing amazing moves and tricks with soccer). The dentist is one of the world’s highest-rated athletes in the sport and has performed worldwide.

With many years of experience in football, he was appointed in the governing bodies of the World Federation of Free Soccer to be the head of sport in Kuwait.

Already during his difficult studies, he was active in the world of free football. He found time to compete while continuing his studies abroad. In one of the major sporting events, he came to our country Italy during the Milan Expo. He has been recognized as “one of the most influential people visiting the show” and has been in the mouth of many newspapers for his amazing moves with football.

As Dr. Ali is one of the most famous dentists in the world with over a million followers across all social media platforms, he uses his powerful influence on social media and his popularity to inspire and educate people. As a result, many people are becoming aware of their dental and overall health.

Dr. Ali Al-Saqoubi is a successful businessman, talented athlete, author of a book, and most importantly, he is a dentist. With this privileged and challenging lifestyle, Dr. Ali has proven that anyone can do an extremely strenuous and stressful work such as dentistry and yet he has ample time not only to embark on other endeavors but to fully control the work. Never give up, persevere and find one’s passion by constantly exploring new things are the key messages that Dr. Ali continues to send to his followers and his fan base for excel in their careers and hobbies. A doctor is the perfect example of a celebrity who has a huge positive influence on the world.

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