The current account is in red, what will happen to you in 2022

Here are the rules to respect in 2022 regarding the red checking account. What can happen to you

With the New Year coming, other new rules are expected for those who have The current account is in red. As mentioned in a previous article, there will be government pressure on the use of cash payments. In addition, banks expect stricter rules Regarding the management of the current account.

The owner will have to pay close attention to balance line and to each of them Debit account with a negative score. So here’s the new one Rules To be respected in 2022 in relation to the current account is marked in red.

If you have an account turned on in red, these could be the consequences

To be considered a red account holder, the debtor must have backwards, in the payment of a bond greater than 90 days. After this period, the debt becomes significant if it exceeds the established thresholds.

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Thus, the checking account in red is a real account debt to the bank who lent us money linked to a deposit account. Obviously, this procedure carries a charge negative interests, based on the debt number.

Under the new rules, you’ll likely do this Move to default faster compared to the past. There will be no ban on banks on it infringement Other than what is available in the current account. So it will be at the discretion of the credit institution itself.

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the Withdrawal limits permission to specify account contract. This also sets the maximum term allowed and the interest rate applicable to the amount loaned. However, it is possible Request At any time to reduce or increase the maximum limit provided that the consultant is accepted.

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In case I found it offensive The situation is changing. This happens when the overdraft is not foreseen in the account agreement, or when the limit is exceeded. In this case, the bank did not There is no obligation To cover an overdraft and there is a refusal of a check or direct debit with the ensuing consequences Costs.

Due to the new rules, red account holders will not be able to continue paying automatic discount. It will also lead to serious problems with mortgage payments or simple underwriting.

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In addition, reporting to Crave (Central Financial Risk). Three months after the start of non-payment from 100 EUR, in fact, you will be reported in a list bad motives. This therefore means not being able to access credit lines for about 12 Months from the report.

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