The “cultural” problems behind the abandonment of various developers? –

journalist Andy Robinson from VGC He insists on seeing him develop total darkness As a problem, in response to Microsoft’s soothing tones on the subject, Matt Botty, noting that many developers have Give up the initiative after problemswhich also appears to be “cultural”although not explain what it is.

After Matt Booty reported in his PAX West interview that the development of Perfect Dark is progressing well with most of the work being transferred to Crystal Dynamics, Andy Robinson outlined his previous report on ongoing issues within the initiative’s interior, correcting the focus on some aspects but also re-emphasizing the critical vision for the situation.

According to people interviewed by Robinson, who apparently spoke to some developers who left The Initiative and Perfect Dark, the biggest cause of the disagreements wasn’t Delivery to Crystal DynamicsContrary to what was previously shown. This division of tasks appears to have been shared by many of the team’s developers, realizing the importance of keeping the initiative as a relatively small team with functions primarily as an “idea incubator” to be developed with external support.

However, the release of many developers would still be a negative sign for the journalist, who in fact reported that many respondents had pointed their fingers above all at the initiative’s leadership and at vague “cultural problems” which, however, are not better defined, so We do not know. What are they referring to.

However, it should be noted that most of the developers who exited the initiative were not in conflict with Microsoft, so much so that many of them moved to other teams. But inside Xbox Game Studios. So we look forward to any further information on this matter, as well as updates on Perfect Dark of course.

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