The cry that worries the Church: The shadow “divides” the Vatican

The call is directed to everyone. the sound The Super Parts By definition, just because he’s a diplomat. cardinal Pietro ParolinHe is the Foreign Minister of the Holy See, he did not send them to say and speak to them PolicemanE, which is a radio of Iberian Episcopal. A few days ago, the Italian Cardinal wanted to dwell on the ideological-doctrinal contradictions that drive the ecclesiastical circles. The basic message is clear: the Catholic Church, to be “credible,” needs unity. So the “divisions” lead nowhere. In fact, Parolin hinted that there is “cause for concern”. Perhaps it is the politicization – which certainly accompanied observers’ comments on the Pope’s pontificate – that fuels the fears. But surely there was also a tendency to debate among the consecrated persons.

Give Delight Onward everything was dialectic. Partition, according to Catholic Christian faith, is the work of Satan, as Jorge Mario Bergoglio uses it in repetition. The Greek verb is Diabalu. Its opposite Cymbalo, Which could also mean, in a figurative sense, the reconciliation of two opposing sides. The fronts in which the epidemic was latent, because the priorities, immediately after or almost immediately after the Synod of the Pan Amazonia, became other. The conflicts seem to have diminished today, instead Baba It seems he is working quietly around the “fix”. Parolin argued that an internal split might ensue “… from the fact that the Pope is focusing a lot on church reform and there is a lot of confusion about this.” The confusion that may result from the presence of many different interpretations of the work of the ruling pope.

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During these years, in contrast to Governors e Progressives It was spread out. Parolin A. Acclimatization He cited relations with China, but even at this point there was a quarrel between those who, like Cardinal Zayn, seemed to be convinced that the agreements could not be entered into and those who, like the current hierarchies, held an opposite belief. Bioethics, with the exception of the Pope’s approval of laws governing the “Convivencia Civil,” may have remained safe from controversy. All other aspects have been attacked by the media or almost. According to Parolin, conflict arises “From confusing what is essential and what cannot be changed with what is not essential and which must be fixed, it must be changed according to the spirit of the gospel.”As I mentioned beforeAdnkronos. Indeed, if it relies on the so-called traditions, then the dogma should not change because it is inseparable. Some do not believe this, for example in the issue of blessing gay couples.

Then there is the question – really culturally big – about de-Westernizing the Church: Pope Francesco It is for “economic-existential actors”, and Europe has lost its role as the engine of Christian belief. Parolin, in Europe, made a clear judgment, focusing on the Crisis of Faith, but also the Crisis of Mind. Ratzinger, as “foreign minister” Vatican He remembers, he knew how and to what extent these two matched. In short, while the old continent is mired in a structural crisis, the Church cannot help but invite all its “” people “to unity and harmony. The novelty, if any, brags about “interest” in divisions.

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The last case, in chronological order, was the case of “individual masses” in St. Peter’s Basilica: Four cardinals Take a position contrary to the ruling that comes from the Secretariat of the State. Then of course There is the story of the “German split”.This, as conservatives call it, is an attempt by progressive secular circles but not just to ensure that the Church is Catholic Germany Going forward with a revolution in both doctrine and organization. There are themes, but to be “credible”, to say with Cardinal Parolin, they must be united: When approaching the Pope – Cardinal added – You realize that he is a simple man without ceremony, and he cares a lot in relationships and rapprochement with others, and he tries to meet people, and he wants to make the church more credible in proclaiming the gospel. ” As if to say that the Bible does not submit to the dynamics of the majority or the minority.

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