The Crew Motorfest may allow you to import vehicles from The Crew 2

The Motorfest Crew It will be a Ubisoft Forward Hero in June 2023, but in the meantime, interesting new details could have arrived from the Insider Gaming pages, with Tom Henderson stating that the game will allow Transportation of vehicles from The Crew 2which if confirmed would certainly be excellent news for those who played the previous chapter of the series.

According to information shared by Deep Throat, once Motorfest starts, players will be asked if they want to transfer all the vehicles they own to The Crew 2. Or start from scratch.

He added that The Crew Motorfest will feature approx80-90% of vehicles From the predecessor, which means that it will not be possible to import all of them, but we still talk about them a lot.

In addition, Henderson says the game currently has a total 566 transportationincluding cars, motorcycles, boats, planes, and more.

As usual we are talking about unofficial information, so it should be taken with caution, inasmuch as it comes from a very reliable source. Perhaps we’ll find out the truth during Ubisoft Forward on June 12, 2023, given that the French company has confirmed The Crew Motorfest will also be there.

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