The crazy feat of a YouTuber

In recent weeks there is nothing but talk about elden ring, the new open-world action RPG from FromSoftware that has captured millions of players across the vast expanses of Interregnum. However, YouTuber ymfah has not forgotten the goal he set for himself for some time: Complete Dark Souls 3 without walking.

It lasted for 4 long months, the creator’s feat finally came, and a difficult game like Dark Souls 3 ended without moving the character within the game with WASD keys or left analog stick.

What we mentioned at the top of the news is actually a tutorial for the interested (and crazy enough) to embark on a journey similar to that of a YouTuber. As you can see, to cross areas Luthrica YouTube user has benefited extensively for a particular one The ability to dribble is reminiscent of Bloodborne’s dash. To direct these movements, he made himself The use of the bow is essential. The character couldn’t even use stairs, since there was absolute veto over using movement via WASD or stick, which made it particularly difficult to be able to complete certain areas (not to mention boss fights).

Meanwhile, the The Dark Souls trilogy servers remain offline On PC, With FromSoftware and Bandai Namco removing the “multiplayer” tag from the games’ official description on Steam.

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