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The Conservatives could save every family in the UK nearly £420 with money lost due to fraud laws, job claims


Labor said the Conservatives could have saved nearly £420 per family in the UK with money they lost to fraud due to “flaws” in their Covid business support schemes.

The party said the wasted money amounted to more than a month’s worth of food for a family or more than six fuel tanks.

He added that higher estimates put the loss could be as high as £580 per family.

Labor based its analysis on research by the House of Commons Library in March 2022, which showed a central estimate of £11.8 billion lost to fraud and error across the government’s five business support schemes.

This equates to £419.93 per household in the UK, he said.

Angela Rayner, Labor Deputy Leader and Shadow Minister for the Future of Work said: “As families struggle to get paychecks last month, billions of pounds of hard-earned taxpayer money have been lost in fraud and written off by the chancellor, explaining how little respect he and his government have for British taxpayers. .

“If conservatives weren’t wasting public money, they wouldn’t need to raise taxes on workers during the cost-of-living crisis.

The job would treat taxpayer money with respect and make Britain work for the workers.

“We have come up with a reasonable, costly and practical plan that will give people real help right now: the government must now allocate an emergency budget to put these plans into action and make a big difference to the millions of retirees and workers who feel .the crisis gives the crisis.”

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A government spokesperson has defended its response to the Covid outbreak, and said measures have been taken to tackle the fraud.

“The £400 billion Covid support programs have been launched with unprecedented speed and succeeded in protecting millions of jobs and businesses at the height of the pandemic,” the spokesperson said.

“Fraud is completely unacceptable and we are working on multiple fronts to crack down on anyone who tried to exploit our schemes and we will bring them to justice.

“The new Public Sector Fraud Authority will review our anti-fraud performance, manage a checklist of individuals and companies associated with organized crime and seize their funds.”

Additional report from the Press Association.


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