The confiscation of the goods by the Guardia di Finanza of Rionero in company in Lavello. the details

While conducting a control, it aims to check the conformity of the goods to the quality standards established by lawThe yellow flames of Rionero in the eagle, in Business located in Lavello (PZ) I found that some products, though Of Chinese origin (Made in the People’s Republic of China), bearing indications and images attributed to “Made in Italy” (in particular by the image of the Italian tricolor), and by l It can mislead the consumer About the origin, quality and origin of the product.

The owner of the shop – who offered these products for sale, including clothing, snow chains for cars and sports video cameras for a total of 185 items – was accused of fraud In the practice of trading and selling industrial products with misleading labels.

The above goods have been placed in custody.

Illegal use of the “Made in Italy” seal, or in any way Signs that may lead consumers to regard a product made abroad as produced in Italyconstitutes a illegal Which threatens the confidence of the final consumer and his freedom of choice, and also negatively affects the general economy and national production.

These service activities fall under the daily obligations of Finance guard It aims to ensure economic and financial legality and combat all forms of illegality to protect honest consumers and operators who respect the

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(Court Authorization No. 466)

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