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The competition court rejected Epic Games’ lawsuit against Apple in the UK

Epic games He failed to generate the controversy he sees as inciting against the United Kingdom Apple, city, cat. The UK Competition Appeals Court ruled that the dispute was outside its jurisdiction.

On January 14, Epic Games attempted to escalate the pressure on Apple by suing Apple in the UK. A lawsuit filed in the UK’s Antitrust Court sought to characterize Apple’s decision to remove “Fortnite” from the App Store as illegal, alleging that Cupertino abused its “dominant position”.

In the judgment issued on Monday, February 22, the Competition Appeals Court British have Advertise For not being able to complete the hearing. Judge Roth, who presided over the virtual hearing on Saturday, ruled in the hearing that the court had no right to decide on it.

The lawsuit filed by Epic targeted two Cupertino subsidiaries, including the US-based Apple Inc and Apple UK Limited. The first is proper Apple. The second is a de facto subsidiary controlled by the American company.

Epic spurred its decision on the fact that the British subsidiary of Apple should be attributed to the American company as it is responsible for providing support to app developers in the UK.

Allegations of anti-competitive practices are commonplace, with finger pointing at the sole distribution channel for apps on iOS, an element that could lead to a dominant position and apply unfair distribution rates.

Judge Roth ruled that the British company provides services but has no links to developer deals, and is not responsible for their approval in the App Store. The court decided, “We find it difficult, on this basis, to find that the (Apple UK) company could be responsible for any alleged violation of competition rules.” “Therefore, we believe that there are no serious cases to be adjudicated against A2 (Apple UK), and it follows that the access conditions for the applicant’s appeal against A1 (Apple USA) are not met.”

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A few days ago, Epic Games filed a complaint against Apple also in Europe, in the European Union antitrust. After North Dakota rejected a bill against Apple drafted by an Epic Games lobbyist, the Fortnite developer decided to send its complaint to the European Union. Although it is a dispute against both Apple and Google, Epic Games has identified Apple as its number one enemy, and accused – in her opinion – of canceling the competition.

In the United States, the dispute between Apple and Epic Games will reach courtrooms in May 2021. Epic Games’ speeches against Apple began with Fortnite introducing a direct payment system banned under App Store rules, but also by Google Play Store regulation: the game was banned from both stores Digitalis. All story developments are available from this page.

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