The company that fired 73 workers (out of 232) to reinstate the company

Almost one in three will stay at home. Isagro, a company operating in the crop protection products sector with offices in Milan, has launched a mass dismissal procedure for 73 employees out of a total of 232 workers hired. To report, there are Filctem Cgil and Femca Cisl, who stress that among the surplus, there are also 12 directors.

To stimulate separations, the acronyms announced in a memo, the company’s accounts would need to be settled after the “acquisition by the US Guan Group”. The situation of the administrative office in Milan is very heavy, “almost all activities are cut and relocated with 43 jobs abolished”. Criticisms – labor unions still point out – “also at production sites in Aprilia, Possi, Adria and Galliera, and at the Research and Development Center in Novara”, where “redundant positions were identified”.

“We are facing an impressive restructuring and downsizing of a group that does not follow the logic of integration with a new company, but which will eliminate an important level of skills and professionalism, bringing jobs and management assets abroad. Hitting production and research levels – note Cgil and Cisl – we are once again witnessing the evil choices of companies that She says she wants to invest and develop the companies she acquires, but starts precisely from impoverishing them, resizing them according to the sad logic of profit. ”

According to the unions, the acronyms “asked to withdraw the dismissal procedure to start the confrontation that did not exist until now, on the industrial scheme, but the company has already given a negative answer. Now – hope for Filctem Cgil and Femca Cisl – Isagro needs deep thought on timing and adjustment.” the radical plan, so that a discussion can be built that mitigates the impact on workers as much as possible.”

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The staff had already declared a state of agitation “to be translated into forms of struggle if there were no satisfactory responses to the demands of the union table starting from the next meeting”.

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