The Commander in Chief of the Carabinieri meets the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

ROME – The meeting between Army Corps Commander-in-Chief Teo Luzi and the medal-winning athletes of the last Winter Olympics in Beijing took place yesterday in the representation room of the Carabinieri General Command in Rome 2022. Issue 1 of Arma wanted to express words of gratitude and praise to the heroes who, with their commitment, determination and dedication , they brought prestige and prestige to the institution and to Italy in general.
In the presence of the Commander in Chief, the leaders of the Carabinieri Sports Center also intervened in the personnel of its commander, Colonel Gianni Massimo Cuneo and his deputy, Lieutenant-Colonel Nicola Signorelli, as well as the commander of the Winter Sports Department of the Carabinieri Sports Center. Major Marshal David Carrara.
The athletes who attended were, for alpine skiing, Federica Brignoni, silver in the giant slalom and bronze in the combined short sprint, speed skating, Yuri Konfortola, silver medalist in the mixed relay and bronze in the mixed relay. The men’s relay also gave Dominic Fischnaler third place and a bronze medal in individual skating. In addition to the aforementioned athletes, the Sports Center technicians who participated in their specialties as champions and behind the scenes engineers for these extraordinary results were also invited as Peter Fill and Giovanni Feltrin for alpine skiing, Nicola Rodigari for the short track and Kurt Bruger for the skiing. In the same capacity, Carabinieri’s multi-medal Olympic bobsleigh runner Armin Zoeggeler, current head coach of national coach Luge and Fischnaller, enters.

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