The coming hours, storms and hail are ready to hit these areas [Mappa] »

Weather: The coming hours, storms and hail are ready to hit these areas [Mappa]

Risk of severe thunderstorms and hail in the next few hoursRisk of severe thunderstorms and hail in the next few hoursIn the next few hours we expect a real explosion of thunderstorms over at least half of Italy, also locally of very strong force, accompanied by sudden gusts of wind, frequent electrical activity and with an increasing concrete danger of hail.

Italy cannot find peace on the atmospheric front. Indeed, the weather continues to throw a tantrum with the pressure situation punishing our latitudes for days and days.
As shown in the map that we propose below, in the north of our country there is a vast area of ​​high pressure (letters a) which extends from the United Kingdom up to the north-eastern sectors of the Old Continent, is in an anomaly. In the south, on the other hand, directly over the nostrils of the mare, the pressure values ​​are lower, and as a result, the atmosphere is still very unstable.
To exacerbate the situation, we find weak infiltrations of fresh and unstable air at high altitudes, which flow on the southern edge of the high pressure and thus head towards our country.General situationGeneral situationLet’s get ready for the 1,000th day of thunderstorms and threatening hailstorms preparing to hit many regions.

However, our attention is focused on the afternoon, when many areas will be the scene of a marked deterioration in the weather, with the arrival of increasingly menacing clouds ready to unload, by evening, Rain and thunderstorms with events too strong intensity. The Alpine and Pre-Alpine sectors will be most at risk, especially in the northwest, as well as much of the centre, especially inland.
Rain, thunderstorms and hail will also hit much of the south and the two main islands.

To better understand the expected distribution and accumulation of precipitation, we provide you with the map below, with specific reference to a day Tuesday, May 30: in the colored areas Dark blue It can even accumulate 40 mm of precipitation, which is equivalent to 40 liters per square metre. Lower values ​​are expected in the colored sectors Light blue / light blue.Precipitation forecast for Tuesday, May 30Precipitation forecast for Tuesday, May 30Bad weather will only abate between late evening and night, except for extreme weather North West Where rain and thunderstorms will continue, especially in the Alpine and pre-Alpine regions and in a large part of the Piedmontese plains, most of the night, with precipitation that may remain heavy and strong.

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