The colonial pipeline reopened the pipeline after the cyber attack

Officials from the Colonial Pipeline, one of the largest and most important oil pipelines in the United States, They said “Restore the system to normal operation” after the company was forced to shutdown following a cyber attack. The attack, which took place on Friday, May 7, closed the entire pipeline that runs about half of the country’s east coast, including cities such as Atlanta, Washington and New York.

In recent days, hackers, who belong to the DarkSide group, posted a statement explaining that they are not affiliated with foreign governments and adding that their only goal is to “make money”. The attack was carried out with “ransomware,” meaning malicious software installed by hackers that withholds some data. US President Joe Biden on Wednesday Occurred Executive Order to Strengthen US Cybersecurity System After Increased Concerns About Cyber ​​Attacks.

The pipeline shutdown has caused many fuel shortages and increased US oil prices by more than 4 percent. Restartures began Wednesday and include states returning to receive fuel: Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Colonial pipeline He explained Noting that pipeline safety has always been a priority for the company “as evidenced by the investments of $ 1.1 billion in preventive maintenance over the past five years.” The company also indicated that it has “invested heavily in information technology and cybersecurity.”

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