The Coalition canceled two games and is now working on Gears 6 at full speed, says Jeff Grubb –

According to the latest advice from journalist Jeff Grubb, alliance Began to fully focus on gears 6After, after Cancellation of two projects under development.

This enriches the rhetoric started yesterday by Grubb himself with Nick Baker on Twitter, in which he stated that the Canadian studio had begun working at full capacity on Gears 6 during 2022. Only now it appears that the canceled games are two, not just one.

During the Game Mess Mornings Twitch show, Grubb stated that the Alliance has two projects in the works at once, as well as playing a supporting role in the development of Halo Infinite and collaborating with Epic on The Matrix: The Awakening tech demo made in Unreal Engine 5.

Grubb was unable (or unwilling) to provide exact details of the two games allegedly canceled internally by the Coalition, but reiterated once again that one of them was a secondary project and indicated that the downtime was in part due to the recent wave of layoffs by Microsoft, which would have affected Also on the Canadian studio.

“The Coalition canceled this little project, along with another project, so a couple of games were cancelled,” Grubb said on air. “All of this is reflected in the layoffs at Microsoft which has affected the Alliance to some degree. The studio will now focus fully on Gears 6. I say ‘now’ but really should have done it over the past year, but it will definitely be their next game.”

Of course, we are talking about information without official confirmation, so take it as it is.

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