The Cincinnati Reds snatches their first postseason trip since 2013 with an incredible late-season run

13 days ago, the Cincinnati Reds woke up with a record 20-26 and a 17.1% chance to reach the post-season.

Tonight, the Reds beat the Minnesota Twins to reach beyond the season. The Reds have won 10 of their last 12 games by appearing against the wall.

The 23-5 twins have been at home this season. They had their lover Jose Piraeus on the hill tonight. Reds player Tyler Mahley lasted only 2.1 rounds. None of this matters to this team, they are on a mission.

Mike Mostakas was a man who got off to a very slow start and fought off injuries. Hit twice at home at night. Michael Lorenzen was a man who some wanted to get from DFA after a miserable start to the season, but David Bell continued to believe in him. Lorenzen gave an impressive 3.2 roles to stabilize the Reds’ game.

Soak this in the Reds fans. It’s been a long way to get to this point, but here we are. The Cincinnati Reds will be playing baseball again, and they are hotter than any other team on the planet.

The biggest play of the game

According to Fangraphs WPA statistic (Added win percentage) was the most important game in the game Mike Mostakas achieved a 2–1 home game with 1 in the fourth game to give the Reds a 2–1 lead. That play increased the Reds’ chance of winning by 20.5% (from 38.6% to 59.1%).


Mike Mustafa He achieved his seventh and eighth home victory this year. It went into play today with 0.900 OPS in September. The moose warms up at the right time.

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Freddy Galves He achieved his seventh goal at home this year. That’s pretty impressive for the guy who has been put on the bench for Jose Garcia as the Reds try to find a spark from a fading season. Looks like it’s going to be a Galveston / Farmer going into post-season, which looks good to me.

Michael Lorenzen It was a young man written by almost everyone. Perhaps the most important Reds player on the unnamed stretch was Trevor Bauer. He cast 3.1 great roles tonight.

Rizelle Iglesias Just continues to dominate. He may have saved the match after Lucas Sims left the match early after a spooky situation where he hit Buxton in the head. Raisel has had the best season in his entire career. Imagine reading that after the first week of the season.


There might be some typos tonight. Sorry, I did my best. My hands were shaking all night.

Not very random thoughts ……….

How about some love for David Bell? Everyone just wanted to kick him out. Bale’s optimism and positivity were driving everyone crazy when the Reds were 20-26. It is possible that this optimism and positivity helped keep the sunken ship afloat for this great late season season. Almost every chord pulled by Bell passes down the extension with flying colors.

David Belle became the first Reds coach since Jack McCune led the Reds to a record 0.500 in one of his first two seasons as captain.

The Giants won the first match with their double header, and they lose 3-2 in the second match as I write this. The Reds will be 1.0 games ahead of the Giants over the No. 7 seed if this continues. Whoever finished 7/8 is a big deal because the No.8 plays for Team Dodgers. NL Central # 2 still plays for the Reds. Sure, there are still things to play for, but the big hurdle has been passed.

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next one:

Reds in Twins
Saturday, 7:10 pm
Television: FOX Sports Ohio / FS1
Luis Castillo (2.86 ERA / 2.73 FIP) vs Michael Pineda (3.18 ERA / 1.99 FIP)

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