The “Christmas Star”: Images from the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn

On the night of the winter solstice, a rare cosmic event known as A. Planetary conjugation It happened when two of the largest planets in our solar system passed each other.

During the conjunction, also referred to as the “Christmas star,” Jupiter and Saturn appeared to unite for a few brief moments and shine as one bright double planet, when in reality both planets were more than 400 million miles away.

Star-watchers, astronomers, and photographers alike tune in to the best cameras and telescopes to document the stunning event. The Deseret News I took several photos from the western Utah desert that can be viewed This show.

Here are some other photos (via

Ed PiotrowskiChief of meteorology ABC-15 WPDE In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, published This is a picture of the planets On his Twitter account:

The NASA Earth Official Twitter Account posting a Great Photo Reflection of planets in a water body – and well Google Cartoon Saturn and Jupiter:

Tom Kirin, A retired writer and meteorologist This beautiful picture Of the four largest moons of Jupiter, Saturn, and Jupiter on his Twitter account. According to Keren, the photo was taken by Sajal Chakravorty in Melbourne, Australia:

Posted by Matt Newey, Utah-based photojournalist this picture From the conjunction is reflected in the Great Salt Lake on it Instagram account:

Named Bay Area Landscape Photographer Jim Tang capturing This is a wonderful picture From the pairing shining high above the San Francisco cityscape and sharing it on Instagram:

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