The checking account, the money of the ATM and the credit card are placed by the bank

Until a few years ago, walking around stores with cash was a very popular habit, but with technological innovation and new regulations, almost everyone now prefers to pay with a credit card or even their smartphone.

Therefore, withdrawing money from ATMs seems almost an outdated practice, but there is a bank that decided to stimulate it by subsidizing costs and thus eliminating taxes and commissions that burdened customers.

ING . initiative

Many banks still keep a percentage of the money withdrawn, which, however small, can legitimately annoy their customers, who find themselves paying for a service just to access their money safely.

Paying for this service is one of the reasons why people do not withdraw money regularly, as it is now possible to pay simply via smartphone and in the palm of your hand, thanks to new technologies from Amazon.

Conto Arancio, the popular savings product of the Dutch company ING Bank, has come up with a really smart offer. The proposed plan has very specific advantages that will attract a lot of people, but to activate the unmissable offer you have only until September 29th.

ING Bank offers a completely free digital account, also including a free credit card for one year. To receive the card at home, you must apply and activate it by December 31, 2022. With the Pagoflex plan, for all months after this date, the cost will remain zero only for monthly expenses less than 500 euros, if this happens to purchase goods or services in a total amount exceeding 500 € per month, the cost of a credit card goes up to €2.

Another really interesting feature that ING Bank offers to new customers is the assignment of a credit card PIN, so there is no risk of forgetting the security code for purchases, as well as avoiding embarrassing situations that accompany this event.

To activate this offer, simply fill out the form on the website and go to the “Orange current account” section, here just fill in the form with your personal data and you can get a free current account for one year starting from the date of account activation.

Gbank -
Gbank –

Once the year is over, you can keep the free account by paying a monthly credit of at least 1,000 euros, which is the perfect solution if you want to allocate the account to your salary or pension.

Remember, to take advantage of this offer, you have until September 29th, hurry up!

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