The cashback is really at the end of the line. When the tenth time for the end

More and more shadows around State cashback: After the initial suspicion European Central Bank, The exaggerated use of service and the first cunning appearance of the final grand prize, an action the former prime minister originally wanted. Giuseppe Conte The number of months appears. As I mentioned Prophet, The new version of the Recovery plan Expects a cut in funds originally projected for the service in half: of 5 out of 209 billion arriving from Brussels, it appears that – now – no more than half is guaranteed for the cashback service. The Ministry of Economy that was to assess how, in relation to the number of subscribers to the service (about 7 million users) and the amount of compensation provided (up to a maximum of 150 euros per semester), in 2021 no more than 2 billion euros, The number that I am 300 million guaranteed To “Loyalists”, this is a massive € 1,500 cashback for major users of cards and payment apps.

However, the bulk of the savings will come from the early closure of the service: with only five stars to support the initiative and with early retirement measurable saving around one billion euros, the increasingly tangible assumption is that the original term from June 2022 to December 31, 2021, is The last day of the second half of the year scheduled for refunds.

Less than 8 million subscribers

A few days after the Christmas cashback session payments close, it is possible to assess the true validity of the service: Consap-managed checkout map, recorded in all 3.2 Million Participants in Cash Back for Christmas Which in December reached a minimum of 10 transactions, and these transactions totaled 3.1 per cent of 150 euros in cashback. Hence the expectations of the Ministry of Economy, according to which the number of subscribers will not exceed the threshold of 10 million users this year, provided that the average payment per semester does not exceed 100 euros.

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What will happen to Super Cash Back?

Speaking of supercashbacks, they are premium 1500 euros for the first 100 thousand Who will be offering more digital payments over the course of a semester, it looks like there are actually many scammy people out there who have decided to circumvent the system by creating various micropayments intended to allow them to climb up the users ’rating, a problem already encountered widely by the gas station categories. . For this reason, it cannot be ruled out that the race for the final prize will be replayed from scratch, imposing a daily limit on small payments equal to or less than one euro that can be made in the same store. If this reboot hypothesis is validated, the massive cashback will be deferred – and thus – to December and 100,000 Loyalists will be able to collect a total of € 3,000 (two tranches of 1,500 per semester) at the end of the year. Meanwhile, at Palazzo Chigi, we are already thinking about how to implement other initiatives aimed at popularizing the use of electronic money starting with a safe secured with a potential cashback coin. Finally, it must be emphasized that critical voices regarding bonus payments are being heard from many quarters. In this sense, the words of Forza Italia’s parent company in the Senate, Annamaria Bernini, are clear: “In this dramatic situation, cashback is a waste of the state. The $ 5 billion that Conte’s government has appropriated is a reward with instability but above all goals Demagogy. That money is in more urgent destinations, such as emergency income or tax reform. ” On the same front, the Chairman of the Finance Committee, Luigi Maratine of Italy, FIFA, said: “At the moment, the resources allocated to tax reform amount to just over two billion dollars annually. In the work of the committees, we are studying various options in order to increase this number, but there is something else. The majority should reflect it in my opinion. If, perhaps after a serious impact assessment, the cashback procedure stops in June, in 2022 we will have an additional one-time dowry of 3 billion to use as part of the tax reform: either to encourage the transition to a new tax system for the self-employed Private, or to engage in a first negative tax experience for extremely low-income workers.

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