The cars, in Lombardy, the rewards sold out in a day and a half

The role of motorcycles

However, resources for the tender for the purchase of zero-emission cars and scooters are still available, which started with a budget of 1.8 million euros that will be spent by 30 June.

In the event that it does not run out by that date, the notice states that food scraps will be randomly used for cars and motorbikes, and the supply reopens for the former. But it is a very unlikely hypothesis, and in any case the money will run out in a few hours.

The refinancing hypothesis and the role of the state

Regional Environment and Climate Adviser, Rafael Cattaneo, spoke of the success that exceeds expectations, adding: “In the coming days we will meet with the President of the region Attilio Fontana and the Council and on the basis of discussions with the government if conditions are met to be able to combine the call with additional resources.”

Among other things, the potential refinancing difficulties arise: The auction was expected to start last summer and has been suspended pending the arrival of funds from the state. So the Lombardy region must now find its own resources or put pressure on the government, which in any case may not respond quickly. Also because over a two-year period, requests from the entire automobile supply chain were constantly arriving in Rome to fund national incentives for cars emitting up to 165 g / km of CO2 (and thus extended to many traditional combustion engines): the ones currently in The Corso, which launched January 18th, should sell by March.

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National incentives will only continue for plug-in and plug-in hybrids (emissions from 0 to 60 g / km CO2). In any case, they do not necessarily last throughout the year: unlike the first two years of the application of these concessions, the greater availability of models of this type and the reduction of public distrust towards alternative drive cars accelerated the rate of use of the fund dedicated to these models. 2021 is the last year of the three-year trial period stipulated in the 2019 Budget Law (Law 145/2018) for this type of concession.

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