The campus is growing, from gym to digital orchard. And in 2025 the new headquarters of Psychology

Elisabetta Bonignegna
June 29, 2021 5:30 PM

The construction sites at the University of Cesena are in a state of perpetual ferment. After the completion of the dormitory “La Torre” which will officially open in September with its 80th bed, library and kitchen, work continues to give a complete structure to the most innovative university city in Italy.

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Work will begin in July at the gymnasium that will be located on the ground floor of the campus in an area formerly used as a warehouse of 420 square metres. The work takes 140 days and will be completed by 2021. The value of the works is 660,000 euros, with a total of 854,000 euros. The spaces will be organized as follows: equipment room for 39 people, training room for 21 people, dining room for 12 people, office including front and back office, changing rooms for 25 people and storage. The equipment, all from Technogym, will be purchased by Cusb (University of Bologna Student Centre).

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In addition to the gymnasium, work is also underway on the new settlement on Rasi and Spinelli Road. In the Town Hall, spaces will be rationalized to create a single site dedicated to clinical psychology services, not far from the new section which is also located in the area of ​​the former sugar factory. Works are expected to be completed in March 2022. More work
However, the new headquarters of the Department of Psychology, which will rise next to student housing, remains important and challenging. There will be 10 classrooms for a total of 1,700 study spaces, study spaces for more than 70 places, 5 laboratories, one of which is for 60 places, and 48 educational study spaces, with a combined total area of ​​more than 10,000 square meters including garage and technical rooms. Bids will be launched by December 2021, and the end of works is set for 2025.

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Last but not least, the “ReMade” project is the digital orchard. On the side of the campus oriented towards the railway, with the earth excavated to make the foundations of the new buildings, a hill has been built and trees will be planted on this hill and a green area will be created whose environmental benefits will be visible through a dedicated web page. The district will be at the service of the university community and all citizens, and will be equipped with an amphitheater for educational and educational events that students can organize themselves. Finally, work is already underway on a bike path that will connect the railway station to the campus, to facilitate sustainable travel and to connect the station to study areas faster.

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