The bullet sends Mercedes and Alfa Romeo into a tailspin

Nice relaxing vacation in very close and close contact with nature. Valtteri Bottas I didn’t think twice thanks Miami JB And his Formula 1 break next weekend, he decided to enjoy a few days of relaxation in the States. together with Girlfriend Tiffany Cromwell And some friends, Finn took a trip to Colorado, in the Aspen Forest of Rocky Mountain National Park. Among the birch trees and tall stumps, under the pretext of trying to spot bears on the river bank, potash She decided to take a shower and immerse herself in the water as my mother did. For someone like him who grew up in the cold of Finland, that must not have been a problem Immerse yourself completely naked in cold water From the Roaring Fork at an altitude of more than 2405 meters above sea level.

And on the beach with Tiffany…

This is not the first time that Bottas has appeared naked on social networks. Even a month ago he had surprised the entire circus After the Australian Grand Prixwhen I posted a hot picture of him on the beach performing in one Wheelie “Free” of clothes and nothing else. Apparently, even that beach shot bore the signature of Tiffany, who shares his passion not only for nature, but also for cycling and nudity.

Mercedes and Alfa Romeo are speechless

DeChapelle’s vacations also left the Nastola driver a surprise for his last two teams: Alfa Romeo and Mercedes. They both commented on her Instagram photo with a mixture of emotions ranging from amusement to amazement. Two eyes with a laughing face for Biscione and one stunned face for Team Bracklay instead. The 7th place in Sunday’s race It must have inspired him for sure. And who knows if his colleagues will also comment …

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F1 and Bottas and this passion for nudity

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