The bride was criticized for asking the bridesmaids to change the wedding look

This drama is a dye.

The bride is causing some controversy after she tells the bridesmaids to get the same haircut and coloring for her upcoming wedding.

An anonymous maid of honor will share “Today’s Dilemma” RedditAnd legions of social media users were asked whether she was “selfish to say no” to dyeing her blonde hair and turning it into “dark brown.”

The bride gains weight in the insurance pose, and demands that his sister pay for the changes

The woman explained in the post, “I’m a friend’s bridesmaid and she’s asked all weddings to cut our hair the same length (well, I can do that) and dye our hair too.” And share it on Reddit. “I’m blonde and want to be a dark brown, and I really don’t want to do that.”

Fortunately for the nervous bridesmaid, those on the site stood by her, many of them unsure why the bride wanted the bride to look the same anyway.

The bride allegedly asked her wedding to change her hairstyles - and dye her hair to match each other.

The bride allegedly asked her wedding to change her hairstyles – and dye her hair to match each other.

I don’t understand this logic. Wouldn’t making all the bridesmaids look alike be strangely noticeable in the photos? If the intention is to minimize distractions from the bride on her “big day,” then I think it is somewhat counter-productive, “Redditor asked.

“Also, don’t you think people are going to focus on the fact that all of the bridesmaids are suddenly brunettes and all of them are getting the same haircut? I know my focus will be on this laughing out loud,” one wrote.

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She actually doesn’t like her ‘friends’ if she needs them to look the same[. S]He should just appoint actors to fill the role of bridesmaids and let everyone else live his life, ”another commentator wrote.

Some have speculated that the bride was blonde and thus wanted to “show up,” although this theory did not affect any of the readers besides her.

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In any case, this is not the first time that the bride has moved to the popular forum to complain about the bride’s overstepping her hair, or Weight, So it looks like more brides should start respecting the boundaries of their boyfriends and family … or just make sure they don’t have Reddit accounts.

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