The brake pedal is pressed to the end, what happens is amazing: here is the hidden function

Red light, intersection, traffic jam or slope – a certain function of some vehicles that ensures strong braking even if the driver is not setting foot on the brake pedal. Let’s find out what it is.

On some car models, there is an electromechanical parking brake with Auto hold function. An electrical pulse is sent to a dedicated control unit which, through the ABS system, detects the vehicle’s speed. If this is less than about 7 km/h, the entry indicates that it is not emergency braking, but that The vehicle is required to remain stationary. At this point, the piston is activated via a technical system that pushes the brake pads against the disc and blocks the wheels. It is important to know that the system usually affects all four wheels simultaneously via hydraulic circuits.

Braking without pressing the pedal: Possible

In Mercedes cars, for example, this function is also guaranteed in “automatic gearboxWith the car fixed, gearbox in D1 and brakes pressed, the job can be taken advantage of. How? Simply Press the brakes deeper up to write”Catch“. This is a trick that many Mercedes owners do not know, as they often use the classic electric parking brake. By acting in this way, the car brakes independently, and it is possible to release the foot from the brake and restart – just as when using Electric parking brake – just press the accelerator pedal.

Automatic installation function, only advantages
Automatic installation function, only advantages

Auto suspension, good advice to get back to speed

Among the various questions in the use of the hidden function could be this: Can the “auto-comment” mechanism Endangering proper clutch or brake performance in the long run? Automakers themselves assert that it is quite the opposite, From the moment the vehicle arrives, the “Waiting” function receives automatic inputs to better maintain the sealing components and its mechanical components. An excellent precaution (especially at traffic lights or in sloping situations) is definitely to move the vehicle in reverse gently accelerate, Give proper time to release the brakes and avoid sudden jerks.

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about deactivation On the other hand, it is worth noting that it can vary from model to model. In any case – and this always applies – it is disabled when the driver’s door is open and the seat belt is not fastened or in certain gearbox positions.

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