The bomber tries to restart with Lazio-

to Marco Calabresi

Immobile left the national team relegation team on Saturday and returned home. On Monday he will return to Formello and you will have to focus on personal goals and Lazio to try to get rid of the huge global disappointment

Cerro Immobile, 32, in the blue jersey (La Bresse) -
Cerro Immobile, 32, in the blue jersey (La Bresse) –

I will not go to Turkey, but I am not happy. Ciro Immobile has a long nose and, without smiling, left the national team in retirement. With him, Verratti (unavailable since yesterday morning), Berardi, Gianluca Mancini, Jorginho and Insigne, even if no one finished in sight like him, who collapsed records in the Lazio shirt but failed to be decisive with the blue jersey, despite the fact That Sarri and Mancini’s shape is the same, with two men on either side.

Immobile had hoped that the November 2017 night at San Siro, when the doors to the World Cup closed the following year for Italy, would remain a unique event in his career. One way to Milan Palermo: even in Barbera the same tears and doubt. I wonder if there will be another chance for Ciro to play the World Cup: it happened in 2014, the day Italy led by Prandelli entered the field against Uruguay (at least until 2026 the last match of the national team will remain at this level. ). Immobile was the owner, along with Balotelli. When, in 4 years, he will play in the United States, Canada and Mexico, Ciro will be 36 years old, who knows how many other things will happen in his career and in Italian football. When the inevitable disappointment passes, it’s time to think. Certainly, a week with three goals conceded in a derby match and another volatility for the national team lifted his spirits underground.

Meanwhile, Lazio is still, a team its leader and driver: the fans defend it, and Sarri and his teammates love him. Next Saturday, against Sassuolo, he will start again from another record taken from Piola, who is among the 144 Serie A goals scored with Biancocelesti. His response on the field, with goals, was the one thing he had always loved: after the blue disaster against Sweden in 2017, Immobile won the tournament’s top scorer with 29 goals, as was Mauro Icardi. He was the second of three (he reached the third in 2020 with a record of 36, like Higuain, no one has done more in one season), only Nordahl in history has been able to do better, with 5. So far, head-to-head with Vlahovic (Ciro and Serbian equal 21), with Romanian (Abraham) and former Lazio player (Simone) the first chasers. On Monday, he will return to Formello, while on Saturday he celebrated his brother Luigi’s birthday on social media with a photo of them in the Capitol with the golden boot in his hand.

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