The Blizzard Arcade Collection Unveiled at BlizzCon 2021: Details

It finally started there Blizzecon 2021. The Blizzard event was highly anticipated by fans who, unfortunately or fortunately, had the opportunity to discover a lot of information in advance. One of the announcements revealed a few hours ago was related to Blizzard Arcade CollectionKaito: Well, it’s not just a leak anymore but it’s completely official. This was revealed by a blizzard.

One Blizzard Arcade set A collection of three games from the Blizzard 90s. Let’s talk about:

  • The Lost Vikings: Released in 1993, it is a game in which you control three Vikings with unique abilities who must work together to finish each level and find their way home. This is a side platform adventure.
  • Rock and Roll MusicReleased in 1994 in Europe, it is an isometric driving game in which four drivers collide with each other. The game is largely about attacking opponents, as well as just driving. Includes songs Black Sabbath, Steppenwolf, Deep Purple, and more.
  • Blackthorne: Released in 1994, it is a platform game set on the planet Tuul. There are 2D shooting mechanics and you can upgrade your weapons.

Blizzard explained that the Blizzard Arcade Collection will have a rewind function, free save, graphic filters, a museum with graphics, and a separate screen for Rock & Roll Racing for four players. Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One: If you pre-order the game on, you’ll get the free PC version today.

We actually discovered the Blizzard Arcade Collection hours ago, with a PEGI leak.

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