The Black Circus Vagabondo: Italy’s Black Circus unleashes Turin … and many other cities


The Black Circus Vagabondo: Italy’s Black Circus unleashes Turin … and many other cities


Renovated on Saturday OGR in Turin. Officine Grandi Riparazioni is preparing to welcome Circo Nero Italia in a new concert coming to life in collaboration with Big Mama Production from June 11. The event, all new, is the Circo Nero Vagabondo. The party crew led by Duccio Cantini traveled the world, touching half of Europe, the United States and Russia, and arrived in Bangkok. It is a unique kind of entertainment, which first conquered discos and then gyms, filling the places with fantastic characters, turning them into worlds parallel to the reality we know. Circo Nero Vagabondo has the peculiarity of being interpreted not only by theatrical performers, but by all those working in the evening. It is another innovation, because Circo Nero Italia is not satisfied with the success. Always try to change and suggest something more exciting.

And what happens in the rest of Italy? Circo Nero Italia breaks down into many different kits and unleashes an entire Bill Paise, or nearly all. On June 11, the party will also take place in Boga dei Monopoli (BA), while on July 2 a party is already scheduled in Campania … But there will be time to talk about it.

As all those who’ve been to at least one Circo Nero Italia party know, these are events animated by the wild party crew, made up of entertainment professionals who engage in an inseparable mixture of night owl frenzy and stray attention to every detail of their performance.. the result is always wild parties. full of smiles.

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Circo Nero Italy, says its creator and artistic director Ducio Cantini, is and always will be “a group that wants to present shows that are not limited to simple entertainment with some beautiful touching performances as a backdrop. Our search will always be to create evolutionary shows full of emotion and inspired by great international performances. I would love to return. Those who participate in our events come home with the idea to live a unique experience, to remain in their hearts. I will try, as much as I can, to raise the bar for beauty and emotional engagement to take the audience, for one night, to other worlds, whether inner, lower, or higher” .

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