The bitterness of Greta Thunberg, after 4 years “little changed” in Sweden – the world

Four years ago, in August 2018, Greta Thunberg, a young girl from Stockholm, started dropping out of school on Fridays to ask Swedish politicians to tackle the issue of climate change. That was the electoral period, and a few weeks later the Social Democratic Alliance with the Greens was victorious again.

Today Greta has millions of followers on Twitter and is famous all over the world, but her protest doesn’t seem to have had any tangible impact.

We’re still here but the climate crisis is still missing from the discussion.The activist wrote on Twitter as the political elections in Sweden approached. On September 11, Swedes will vote to renew Parliament and the regional and municipal councils. “We are still going in the wrong direction” and “we are spending huge amounts of money on (environmental) destruction,” he adds.

In February, Thunberg went to the Swedish Arctic to join a protest by indigenous Sami people who oppose the opening of a mine in the area they use for reindeer herding. When the government decided in March to give the green light to the mine, Greta Thunberg accused the Stockholm government of “racism and colonialism” in the face of the indigenous population.

Greta didn’t seem to have any intention of giving up. In fact, he is planning two demonstrations with the Fridays for Future movement on September 2 and 9 to pressure Swedish politicians to make a more realistic commitment to the environment before the vote on Sunday 11.

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