The Bible becomes a video game: that’s what it is

Steam is the platform where you can buy most of the most popular video games on the web digitally. Showcasing thousands of games available, of any genre and category, Valve’s platform is among the best available online. Plus a hassle-free purchase is guaranteed, thanks to our free return policy.

However, a curious purchase title has been popping up on Steam for a few days. Many wonder if he was a dwarf, but this is all true. It is possible to buy the Bible on the platform, but why was this decision made by the platform administrators?

What does the Bible have to do with video games?

This is a skin that’s as weird as it is unique to Steam. More than a video game, in fact, or a digital game book, this seems to be just a game E-book version One of the most famous texts in the world.

Software developers must think it’s a good idea. So the Bible was presented directly from the Bible Games team on the Valve platform. In fact, this turned out to be the digital version More practical and convenient than paperFor several factors.

Digital Bible, what is changing?

By entering text in the search bar Bible Could you Go to the page about the digital version of the BibleSpecifically in the title Here, you can buy the digital version of this title, currently at a 33% discount, at €8.36 instead of €12.49.

By watching the “trailer” of the title, it is possible to understand that this particular version of the Bible offers a different way of reading, compared to a basic book. In fact, it is possible to read the book freely or to select a specific order. In addition, this is possible Take notes and save steps that interests the reader the most.

“video game theme”

However, no title can be on Steam without some “video game components”. This digital version of the Bible is not excluded, in fact, like many other games on the Valve platform, there will be a possibility Unlock different achievements. This will be possible by advancing in the reading, as well as by completing the various orders suggested by the menus present “in the game”.

Please note that the 33% discount offer expires on November 21 So if you’re interested in buying, you can save something by buying the title now.

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