The best TV series on Netflix in July

Here are the most interesting serial productions that the entertainment giant has added recently.

15 Years Again (Season 2) – from July 5

to try to help his sister LouisaAnd Anita She is forced back at the age of fifteen. JoelHowever, the situation complicates, and he gains access to his account Fluguineo She, in turn, became a time traveler and managed to interfere in everyone’s lives, causing disasters. And so Anita returns to 2021, where she discovers that her magical moment in Paris is with her Henrique It never happened and that everything changed. At this point, to resolve the situation, Anita and Joel They will have to work as a team to fix the future. However, there is a problem that will further complicate matters: Anita’s heart is actually divided between romantic Henrique and adventurous companion Joel, who is brilliant and captivating. Fabricio.

Defense Attorney: The Lincoln Lawyer (season 2) – July 6

This second season of the Netflix legal drama is loosely inspired by Fifth witnessthe fourth book in the series ‘defence lawyer’ He will handle new sensitive cases before the court in Los Angeles. In the cast of the series (developed for television by Ted Humphrey) we find among others as well Neve Campbell, Becky Newton, Jazz Raycol and Angus Sampson.

Michel Buteau – Surviving the Thickest – From July 13th

Survival Story follows Mavis Beaumont (Michelle Botto), a recently single (recently dumped…) Junoesque black woman unexpectedly finds herself having to rebuild her life as a fashion designer. The comedy series is based on a collection of short stories written by Bhutto herself.

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The Color of Magnolias (3rd season) – from July 20

The series tells the adventures of three best friends (Maddie, Helen, and Dana Sue) was born and raised in a small town in the south of the United States where everyone knows each other and they know everyone’s business. In this new season we see material Try by all means to calm down cal And to help him keep his emotions at bay after the fight Sullivan. in the meantime, Helen She faces difficult decisions about the men in her life and Dan Su Consider using Miss Frances’ legacy to help the local community without upsetting her family.

The perfect tale – from July 28th

We find at the heart of the miniseries Margot and David, two guys from two completely different worlds, not to mention opposites. She’s the heir to a luxury hotel empire, while he’s a poor demon who has to work three jobs to make ends meet. However, when their paths cross, they will realize that only they can help each other as they try to win back their soul mates.

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