The best summer drink is not in the supermarket but in our homes and hardly anyone knows

Finally, with the arrival of summer, the sweetest and tastiest fruits of the year appear on our tables. After indigestible strawberries, there are apricots, cherries, peaches, melons, melons, peaches, and peaches. Not to mention the eternal species like pineapple, mango and papaya. They come from all over the world 365 days a year. So why not take advantage of the fresh fruit we have at home for fresh, good and refreshing drinks? These healthy DIY drinks at no extra cost will fill our summer with liveliness and freshness: flavored water. The best summer drink is not in the supermarket but in our homes and hardly anyone knows.

Beware of soft drinks

Summer is also the period of greatest drink consumption. Heat and sun invite us to hydrate, which expels sweat to its full potential. Be aware, however, that soft drinks and various sugars are not good for your health. It will also be cute and fresh, but also full of useless dyes and substances. Instead, the best summer drink is not in the supermarket but in our homes and hardly anyone knows. And without spending more than we already have at home.

Get vitamins and nutrients

Preparing a good jug of water with sliced ​​watermelon, and maybe adding some spices, is the fast and healthy way to take in a multivitamin. If we find it difficult to get our kids to eat fruit, here’s the perfect drink. We can choose between sparkling water and sparkling water. However, the main thing is to leave our drink to steep in the refrigerator for at least two hours. Someone even leaves them overnight, to make the water infuse with the scent and flavor of the fruit.

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We try to leave the peel

Whenever possible, we try not to peel the fruits of our water. As we know, in fact, many fibers are hidden here. After a few hours of infusion, the choice is made between whether or not the drink is filtered. In any case, we will not lose anything in freshness and health. It is recommended to have this drink within 48 hours of preparing it.


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