The best social critics movies we loved [Throwback Thursday]

There are films that have penetrated some aspects of our society and criticize different aspects: i Best Social Criticism Movies that we loved

Cinema should not be just entertainment, a spectacle (albeit a beautiful one) for the eyes. Cinema should make people talk, it should bring to the screen important issues and social battles. Recently released by Netflix new movie Adam McKayAnd do not searchWhich presents on screen scathing criticism of our society, social networks and the media. The success of the film showed how much the audience wanted to know more clearly the society in which they live, including its negative sides.

The best social critics movies we loved

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Fight Club (1999)

they live (1988)

For our social critical films, let’s start with they liveWorship 1988, written and directed by John Carpenter. The movie is based on the short story at eight in the morning From Ray NelsonFrom 1963. Protagonist john nothingA man looking for a job. In the suburbs where he lives, there is a small independent television station that has been releasing anti-government messages, calling the population to wake up, ever since”They live and we sleep“.
with “that they‘, meaning an alien race, which has taken on human form, to control the minds of humans, through subliminal advertising messages. John finds a pair of glasses that shows the true identity of those around him. In they live We find a deep critique of consumer society, as in the 1980s, a decade dominated by advertising and mass manipulation. But most of all, carpenter He puts his criticisms of Reagan’s policy into action, highlighting how he was able to “subjugate minds”.
in a they live We see a deep critique of society in those years, given through the metaphor of a science fiction story.

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Fight Club (1999)
Fight Club (1999)

fight club (1999)

If we talk about social criticism films, we can’t help but mention fight clubAnother cult, this time directed by David Fincher, from 1999. The film is a transfer of the novel of the same name by Chuck Polanek. The protagonist (whose name we’ll never know) works as an insurance consultant. He is deeply frustrated with the life he leads, a slave to consumption and a victim of depression and insomnia. During a business trip he meets Tyler Durden, from which he discovered the existence of a secret circle, and fight club, where men who are not satisfied with their lives meet. In addition to the movie’s great final touch, fight club He manages to perfectly embody the social criticism that he wants to say. The film, in fact, offers a deep reflection of consumerism and the isolation of modern man: to combat the malaise felt by the individual, there is no other means than physical suffering, which replaces mental suffering.
But when the suffering is severe, the blame is attributed to the same disease system that affects the individual and makes him “sick”.

Super Size Me (2004)
Super Size Me (2004)

super size me (2004)

One of the best social criticism films is a documentary film: super size me It is a 2004 film written and directed by Morgan Spurlock.
The protagonist decides to conduct a social and feeding experiment exclusively on food produced by the McDonald’s chain for 30 days. Spurlock is followed throughout the experiment by doctors who record changes in his health. After a few days, Spurlock gains 5 kg, but also goes into a state of depression and suffers from a severe headache, and all these effects subside after another meal at McDonald’s. In the context of the narrative, the background behind the world’s most famous fast food chain is also told, especially with regard to the calorie intake of the foods sold.
in a super size me An important issue in American society is highlighted: obesity, which is a huge social problem and affects the lives of citizens.

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Exit (2017)
Exit (2017)

Get out (2017)

Another social criticism film is Scapa – get out, 2017 movie directed by Jordan PeeleHis first appearance behind the camera. Chris He is a young African American who decides to spend the weekend at his girlfriend’s house A rose, a wealthy white young American woman. What seems like a quiet weekend, useful to get to know his girlfriend’s family, will prove to be a nightmare, especially after noticing the strange behavior of the servants, who are both African Americans. in a Get out We are faced with a psychological thriller of horror, with various elements belonging to the black comedy. Thanks to a certain skill, present in the text and in the direction, the viewer is captured in this whirlwind of events, which constantly misleads his beliefs. There is a strong social critique, based on historical references to current events, which allows us to talk about important issues, such as inequality and the different treatment of whites and blacks by the police (a very hot topic in the US), albeit with a sarcastic purview and winking at some stereotypes .

The best social critics movies we loved
The best social critics movies we loved

parasite (2019)

We finish our list of social criticism films with parasite, a 2019 movie directed by Bong Joon HoWhich conquered audiences and critics alike, garnering four Oscars and breaking several records.
the family Kim He lives in poverty, in a shabby apartment in the basement of a building. Although they are poor, they are very close to each other, even if they live in constant anxiety about the present and the future. The family’s son Kim is hired to give some lessons to the family’s teenage daughter gardenVery wealthy people living in a luxury villa. Over time, the Kim family will succeed in infiltrating the Park family, working with them, and trying to steal their lives.
parasite It’s a very smart, meticulously directed movie that manages to constantly change genres, moving from comedy to drama and thriller.
In the film, two families stand out, who are polar opposites: the family Kim, poor and unsure of the future, who lives on resourcefulness and family gardenThe rich and the privileged live in a golden bubble.
through the film, Bong Joon Ho He talks about the differences between the rich and the poor, without avoiding criticism of Korean society.

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What is your favorite social criticism movie?

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