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What are the best companies in the world to work for in 2022? According to this year’s Great Place to Work Ranking DHL, Hilton and Cisco They are the first three The best workplace in the world. Twenty-five multinational companies in the ranking with a total of 2.2 million employees. The survey identified the best places to work in the world in 2022 by analyzing climate surveys conducted in the last cycle of 2021/2022 representing 14.8 million opinions from collaborators worldwide. To be considered, companies must be identified as globally excellent organizations and thus entered at least five national rankings of the best workplaces in Asia, Europe, Latin America, Africa, North America or Australia during 2021 or early 2022, to compete for the world. Ranking, it must have a minimum of 5,000 employees worldwide with at least 40% (or 5,000) of those employees located outside the country of headquarters. Of the 25 multinational companies awarded in the rating, 12 have conducted opinion polls in Italy and all of them are at least self-certified. 10 entered the national rankings last April (

87% would recommend their company

These companies have a confidence index of 86% versus an average of 55%. Italy ranks third in terms of the number of branches and the presence of multinational companies in the national ranking. These facts stand out for ‘good work done’, for the opportunity given to collaborators to be themselves, for the merit of employees’ they say of the Great Place to Work. Several sectors are represented in the ranking: from information technology to transportation to consulting. Other details should be highlighted On them: 87% would recommend their company to friends and family Additionally, an average of 85% of employees want to work for their organization for a long time, and 88% of employees say they do their best to support their organization.

Initiatives first in order

But let’s see what are some of the characteristics that allowed some companies to be in the rating. At DHL Express, for example, nearly all employees (94%) said they believe the company promotes diversity and an inclusive environment. DHL has also created a sound board, a group of 20 collaborators to share their experiences and perspectives, representing the various regions and backgrounds that make up DHL’s global workforce. Hilton, which is second in the ranking, has developed various forms of flexibility. Hilton Flex allows employees to choose how they get paid, when they work, and in what department. As part of the Hilton Flex, Instawork provides employees with greater flexibility in choosing a shift. With a DailyPay partner, co-workers can access their paycheck when it’s due, rather than waiting for the payment cycle to end. These flexible options are very important to workers.

Using DailyPay has been a huge benefit to me and my family, as I partnered with a Hilton co-worker in the US. In some months, it happens that push notifications arrive on the same day. It’s nice to be able to use DailyPay to make sure not only our monthly bills are covered, but our daily needs as well. While at Cisco #3 in the rankings, resilience training helped employees feel supported, grown and risk-taking. The mindset-based corporate program, called the Mind Set, teaches participants cognitive strategies to increase mental stamina and unleash creative thinking. No. 4 sales force, attentive to human relations in rethinking the use of corporate spaces. Single offices still exist, but the company has increased social media space from 40% to 60%. Pubs, community tables, focus pods, and more are created to increase interpersonal communication and cohesion. For some of the world’s best workplaces, flexibility requires thinking outside the box. Accenture (#17), with its ‘We Take Action Against Racism’ initiative, included three phases: 1) new goals for greater ethnic and racial representation in its global workforce and among managers, 2) new training for collaborators to identify behaviors and talk about racism 3) Increasing community investments aimed at achieving economic integration.

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