The beauty of Gioia del Colle and the masks of Ciardo and Neri per Casso: A journey to the first stage of Cantator

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Lots of music, lots of gags and thunderous applause from the crowd at the Rossini Theater in Gioia del Colle. And so began, on Friday 28 October, the second edition of the contour: the traveling show of Radiobari, supported by Pugliapromento and the Puglia region, which together with Renato Ciardo and his always different guests offers great portions of pugliesità and a lot of fun. A veritable caravan of laughter finds its place again this year in some of the most beautiful, wonderful and attractive places in Puglia. The area, thanks to its beauty, which will all be visited, had a record summer of 2022 with over two million visitors arriving (data from the Apuliapromotion Observatory).

Puglia is the queen of tourism with sun, sea and beaches, but not only. Historic villages and centers, with their thousands of pasts to discover, nature excursions and food and wine tours to be enjoyed all year round, have in recent months ensured a rapidly growing tourist movement. Especially from abroad, with a staggering +13% compared to before the 2019 pandemic. Today in Puglia, the main tourist markets, in terms of arrivals, are France, Germany, Switzerland, the UK and the USA. Tourists from all over the world who are now putting Puglia at the top of their wish list for their leisure trips, Find out here what to do during your stay in Puglia.

Among the places that will be circled with a marker on the map of the heel of Italy, there is certainly the Gioia del Colle, in the center of the Morgue region, just over 20 kilometers from Trulli Alberobello and about 40 kilometers from Bari, known throughout Italy for its mozzarella Delicious and succulent dairy: two very tasty ingredients that Renato Ciardo was quick to question on his show last Friday. Furthermore, over the past two years, Gioia del Colle mozzarella has been officially registered in the Register of Protected Designations of Origin (PDO) and Protected Geographical Indications (PGI), thus becoming an identity product for the Gioia community and an imperative. cooking tool. ‘For any visiting tourist to take away.

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At the Rossini di Gioia Theater – a pearl opened in 1843 which in its front yard also saw four exquisite stone carvings by sculptor Antonio Paradiso, from nearby Santramo in Colli – the evening began with Ciardo’s version of Roque Balboa. Gloves and a circular bathrobe, in the background, the soundtrack that accompanied the exploits of the most famous boxers in cinema and a curiosity that immediately unfolded among the smiles of some 300 people who were welcomed into the audience: Sylvester Stallone, the Hollywood actor who played Rocky in the title role. The screen has joyful origins. In a video broadcast on the stage-mounted ledwall, another tribute to the hosts. In fact, photos of the precious relics of Gioia go through the sequence. From the great Norman-Swabian castle to the magnificent Mother Church of Santa Maria Maggiore.

The Norman Swabian Castle It stands out with its beauty and grandeur in the heart of the old center of Gioia del Colle. It was expanded by Roger II, rebuilt by Frederick II around 1230, and today houses the National Archaeological Museum, where you can admire precious archaeological finds. The building of the mother church of Gioia del Colle, erected by Ricardo Siniscalco at the end of the eleventh century, also dates back to the perennial Normans. Today inside National Archaeological Museuma treasure chest of discoveries made on Mount Sannace and its surroundings, funerary and decorative objects from the 5th to 3rd centuries BC are preserved on display in the rooms, and include vases, ornate weapons, metal sliver and clay figurines that tell of the uses and customs of a group of broader vulnerable communities.

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So far, the “postcards” of Gioia that the contour decided to catch the attention of her audience. On the other hand, the sound of the show was Boulian music with an amateur competition, halfway between bullfighting and karaoke, as the bravest spectators in the hall challenged each other. Vecchio Frac by Domenico Modogno, Sierra by Al Bano and Romina and T-Ville Penny by Cabarizza were the first of the three songs he sang. The race was stopped at this stage by the arrival of the senior guests from the first stage of the contour. I Neri per Caso, a famous band that attracted the attention of the public in the mid-90s: the most prestigious stage was Sanremo, and the song was The Girls. It is evident that it was also proposed in the Rossini di Gioia. Half an hour of performance and a lot of applause, before returning to compete with The Animal beat by Raf and Estate by Negramaro.

Other songs and other guests will enrich the next two stages of contouring scheduled for the coming weeks. On November 11 at the Mercadante Theater in Altamura it will be the role of Massimo di Cataldo, on December 2 at the Teatro Cordi in Barletta it will be Carlo Marali and Silvia Mezzanot (formerly Mattia Bazar). “I thank Radio Bari and Telebari for the pleasant opportunity given to Gioia del Colle to host the first stage of the second edition of Cantator – said Gioia’s Culture and Tourism Consultant, Lucio Romano -. A few weeks after the presentation of the new season, the Rossini Municipal Theater had the pleasure of hosting an event that contributed through music and entertainment, in defining and enhancing the history, beauty and distinction of our city.”

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