The bathroom, if you go there more than once a day you take a big risk: don’t underestimate it

Going to the bathroom more than once a day indicates a very serious health problem. Here’s what you risk.

Bathroom –

During our day there are special moments that need all possible calm and imaginary just to ensure our bodies are free of all toxins and excess amounts.

We also do this with defecation But there are often situations where we find ourselves compelled to escape bathroom There are moments when we never want to go and find ourselves in places that are not at home.

The bathroom: that’s what you risk going to often

Therefore, during these episodes, we are forced in the most desperate situations to use the first toilet available to us and make sure that our bodies are free and well-being.

Bathroom: the danger of going there several times a day
I go to the bathroom several times a day –

But we must be very careful not only about cleanliness Water which we use but also how we can ensure that after the need we can have a perfect intimate hygiene, since not all bathrooms are equipped for this.

There are also people, due to a certain diet or problems such as colitis or IBS, who are prone to go to bathroom More than once a day about average.

Usually, the times you enter bathroom They are early in the morning, as soon as our body starts up again or right after lunch or dinner. There are also some foods that favor this moment.

Bathroom: the danger of going there several times a day
Problems going to the bathroom frequently –

For example, it is common for you to run to the bathroom often after a drink coffee and one smoker cigarette, Or after eating some foods that help empty some substances from us Intestine.

But going to the bathroom more often throughout the day, in addition to being a bit boring due to the fact that you have to stop what you’re doing several times a day, can also indicate a health problem.

According to some research, there is a strong relationship between bowel movement and the Cardiovascular disease So who is entering? bathroom Several times a day she will have some problems from the point of view of the heart and will be more than Risk of having a heart attack.


To confirm this thesis there was aInvestigation It was performed on a group of 480,000 people between the ages of 30 and 79 who had never had any serious physical problems in the past 10 years.

Through this survey, it was found that people who tend to enter bathroom More than once a day within 24 hours are most likely to be infected heart problems Compared to those who only go there once.

It was also emphasized that the continued pace bathroom It may lead to some complications that can become chronic such as Kidney problems and diabetes Beside aerobic And the Heart rhythm problems.

Bathroom: the danger of going there several times a day
Going to the bathroom too often can lead to heart problems –

But not only that, the risk problem is not attributed to this number of residents who often go to visit the toilet But also for those who have problems with Constipation, In fact, it has been proven that even these people have heart problems.

So it is always best to intervene first and be able to immediately identify the symptoms that could lead to a heart attack. for this reason BHF (British Heart Foundation) among these Source which then spreads to other parts of the body, one Shortness of breath and feeling exhaustion Based on fainting Even constant nausea.

This association is clearly only a consequence of indagin Don’t be upset if you come in bathroom But it is always better to have doubts to talk to Doctor or one specialized.

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