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The B-787 Dreamliner takes to the skies

Deliveries of the B-787 Dreamliner to customers resume this week. That’s what the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) decided, which gave the green light to US aerospace group Boeing, after the aircraft manufacturer positively addressed recent concerns raised by the agency about the safety of some aircraft components.

“The FAA will determine when ticketing and deliveries of the B-787 will resume. We are working with our customers on delivery times,” the US manufacturer announced in recent days. And last weekend, the FAA added, “The agency may resume issuing certificates of airworthiness next week.”

The Aviation Regulatory Agency halted deliveries of the Boeing 787 on February 23, 2023. This was due to a data analysis error related to the aircraft’s forward depressurization bulkhead made by the US manufacturer and found by FAA technicians after reviewing certification records. Now, Boeing has completed the safety analyzes needed to meet the agency’s standards.

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