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Good morning friends and friends OA Sports And you are welcome life life text from Italy – Scotland, First meeting of the Blue Goddesses Curling World Cup 2023. The Italians are hoping to be champions at this world championship, after taking home an impressive bronze last year behind Sweden and Canada. The Italian team consists of Mattia Giovannila, Sebastiano Arman, Amos Musaner and Joel Retronaz (skip).

The Azzurri’s journey to the qualifiers will begin against ScotlandAnd the silver medal in 2021 and being eliminated in the quarter-finals in the last edition of the World Cup. Compared to 12 months ago, the Scots appeared with the entire squad changed, while Italy reconfirmed 3/4 of that squad, replacing only Simone Gonin with Giovanella. In addition to the match against the Scots, the foursome will also take on the ice in the evening session against hosts Canada.

In this world championship, which will be held from April 1 to 9 in Ottawa (Canada), There are 13 teams that will challenge each other in 12 matches, forming a ranking. The top 2 seeded will fly directly to the semi-finalswhile the difference is from third to sixth place They will compete in the quarter-finals. Last year, the Uzuri team ranked third after the first stage, then beat Switzerland in the qualifying match and surrendered to Sweden in the semi-finals, Then win the bronze against the USA.

The match between Italy and Scotland will take place on Track D starting at 20.00 Italian timewhich corresponds to 14.00 local time, in conjunction with 3 other matches. There is currently no TV coverage on Eurosport or live streaming on Discovery Plus. The match will be broadcast live on Recast / The Curling Channel. Here at OA Sport you’ll find the live Italia-Scotland transcript, starting at 20.00, with updates stone by stone: Good fun!

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