The ATM Retires Forever, This Is What It Replaces

Big changes when it comes to the ATM: Let’s see what happens to the famous ATM.

Italians are now quite accustomed to ATM withdrawals.

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When the ATM was born a few decades ago, it was a real revolution. It seemed unbelievable The ability to make withdrawals and some other simple operations without the need to enter the bank.

ATM replacement

After also the ATM It’s outdated and what looked so modern Today it is definitely outdated.


Let’s see why ATMs are dying so quickly and what takes their place. There are many reasons for the rapid closing of ATMs. First of all, the government is pressing in this direction. In fact, the government is fighting a real battle against money because it is thanks to Criticism can be escaped tax. CEO wants to focus on payment systems More modern and more digital and traceable. In fact, ATMs represent the real door through which cash is circulated in the community and black payment is allowed. So it is clear that The Italian government as well as other governments are trying to avoid this tool Very suitable for tax evaders and money launderers.

What replaces the ATM

But the desire to make the ATM disappear And, paradoxically, even the banks themselves. In fact, banks not only close physical branches but ATMs are also closing. In fact, physical branch maintenance is very expensive but also ATM maintenance It means a lot of money Banks no longer feel willing to put up with it. Some banks have It has already closed its ATM circuits by relying on those at other establishments. But the gradual trend is the trend of general closures. So the ATMs don’t like the government or even the banks themselves. But what will be the future of payments? Payments in the future will only be made in a traceable manner That is, it will be digital payments that will take place between the enabled platforms to this. In essence, the money of the future will be virtual money but not everyone likes this scenario.

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Process faster than you think

If the virtual money access pays It is practically impossible to evade tax It makes money laundering very difficult, and many are afraid to take money out of circulation This also means the constant having to pay commissions to the banks or to other enabled platforms and that this innovation will eventually transform harm to citizens and consumers. We will see the results of this great revolution but there is no doubt that we are indeed heading in that direction. Sure, ATMs will not suddenly disappear but the trend is already underway and in many small Italian countries, for example, ATMs no longer really exist.

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