The Atlantic Current is coming to an end, with catastrophic effects in Europe and beyond. Study: “The collapse between 2025 and 2095”

the entries to Greenhouse gases They can pose end for one ocean current that present down to 12 thousand years. One Scenario who seems over worrying If we then add that the last time this stream was interrupted was in correlates with The last ice ageAbout 14,000 years ago. It comes with an extension Atlantic streamin English referred to as abbreviated AMOC (South Atlantic Solstice Circulation)is part of the largest Gulf Stream It has a major impact on distribution affiliate heat And it rains Europeto which it owes its climate entirely light in this particular stream. In the old world Amok collapse will issue temperatures more solid Despite the overall trend going in the direction of global warming; In North America it will increase sea ​​level; in India, South America and Africa Western will be punished The end of the rains on which it depends food subsistence Millions of people.

In fact, Amoc transports hot water to Europe, but the emission of large amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, along with decomposition Accelerated from hat Icy From Greenland and other sources, staff Amendment the freely dynamics directly related to temperature waters Superficial and deep God concentration Brine. According to a new study by a physicist and climatologist Peter Detelefsen It is mathematics Suzanne DetlefsonPublished in the journal Nature Communicationsthe relevant stream can Between 2025 and 2095with a central estimate placed around it 2050.

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the The intergovernmental body of the United Nations on climate change no place between him Forecasting Amoc’s total or sudden interruptions, but according to Divlitsen: “The models used by the board have Accuracy rough They are not good at analyzing i Processes non-linear involved, which may make her hyper governor. “I think we should be Very worried. This would be a very, very big change. “Amouk hasn’t been stopped for 12,000 years,” recalls the physicist from the University of Copenhagen. “There is still a lot of uncertainty about where turning point from Amoc, but the new study adds evidence that it’s a lot closer than we thought. A single study provides limited evidence, but when multiple methods lead to similar conclusions, this needs to be taken seriously seriousespecially when we are talking about a file risk that we really want to exclude With a certainty of 99.9% – said Professor Stefan Ramstorff, from the University of Potsdam, Germany – “Now no we can no to exclude to cross the turning point over the next ten or two years“.

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