The artificial intelligence that made tennis great. And now aim for the exchange

Turn around, get your racket ready to shoot. Watch the ball and don’t lose sight of it. never. You are against yourself, even before you are against someone else. Keep your balance on your legs. What does tennis have to do with technology now? Technology is always importantand also wants to meet those who are not professionals: this is the main idea that moved Swupnil Sahai in creating SwingVisionThe application that puts artificial intelligence at the service of players.

CEO or co-founder, with a two-year background in Tesla At work on self-driving, he’s been playing since he was a kid, and the desire to make sports more accessible was always in his head: “When I was at school in New York I was looking for a solution to track games, but there was nothing that didn’t have inaccessible costs, Starting with $10,000 worth of cameras.” To replace a monitoring and processing system of this size, Swing Vision travels on various Apple devices, primarily the iPad, but also iPhone and iWatch (Series 7).

Nadal and the victory algorithm

by Ricardo Luna

Set up game sessions

To record in real time and interact with players on the field, proprietary AI takes advantage of Apple’s cameras – clearly aimed at their best performance, hence the iPad Pro’s M1 cameras and processor, although it also works with the other devices mentioned. Voice feedback, if activated, gives statistics and the result is updated in real time. Preparing game sessionsAnd uploaded to the cloudcan then be examined in detail, querying the application in every aspect of training (how many forehands, how many backhands, how many net balls, such as improvements compared to the previous match, etc.).

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iWatch does the rest to moment of blow: Machine learning systems – initially trained on a lot of data from volunteers, now with all that data available – use the accelerometer and gyroscope of a smartwatch to calculate oscillation speed directly from the wrist (in fact the front play arm must be worn). As the founder explains, “The app is free to download and allows you to record two hours of footage per month. The professional version costs just over ten euros per month and gives access to 30 hours of footage per month (with video backup to the cloud for an unlimited period) and has also included: Line call to settle line disputes.

Innovation Calendar – November 29, 1972

Bong was born: It was like a paddle, but inside the closet

by Ricardo Luna

The app appeals to tennis players and investors

SwingVision, in a span of two years available on the Apple Store, tennis players Andy Roddick and James Blake were among the first and most enthusiastic investors (“They’re very active on Twitter!”, says the CEO amused) and is already used in tennis at US colleges as well as national sports institutions in Australia and the United Kingdom.

In Italy, many players use itHowever, they have not yet activated official cooperation with the federation or with professional players. “One country at a time,” Sahai explains, but is already looking forward, telling him on the sidelines of a demonstration session at the Tennis de la Cavalieri in Paris, a court built in 1924 on the seventh floor of an Art Deco building designed by the architect Architect R. Farradèche.

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“Our next big goal will be training and video streaming. People want to stream their matches live. Now, with the devices sealed in battery and 5G, that is possible.” By doing so, he continues, they will be able to “Expand your online fan baseas well as thinking about generating income from sponsors.”


Italian Startup Improving Tennis Sinner with Artificial Intelligence

by Luca Corsolini

Not only that: Those who dream of working with Patrick Muratoglu (among others, Serena Williams) or Vincenzo Santopader (Mattio Berrettini), will be able to request the intervention of a coach remotely. “You can record a match and request a lesson with a coach from all over the world – explains the CEO – so next year we would like to combine the two: that is, allow the player to do a live sports session and the AirPods receive the coach’s remote instructions in real time.”

On the other hand, to return to the democratization of tennis that inspired him, Sahi adds: “Professional players have their coaches with them all the time: we would like to make this experience possible and accessible to all players who want it.”

Looking ahead, he doesn’t fail to think of other tennis “cousins” who have become famous: “We love tennis and have thought of SwingVision for this, but we’ll include Other racket sports, such as paddle ball or pickle ball, which are used a lot in the United States. Maybe even badminton and table tennis.”

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