The area funds the redevelopment:

Regional Sports Administration Manlio Messina It will finance the renovation of the Konka Douro Football Stadium. The news is given by the mayor of Monreale Alberto Arcidecono And the head of the city council Marco Intravaya.

The old project, which was introduced to the area in 2013, has become obsolete and unusable, so the municipal offices have been working for some time on preparing a new project for a million and 700 thousand euros, Was just introduced in the section. Mayor Alberto Arcidecono, council member Gibino Popela, and municipal architect Piero Albanese also participated in the meeting with Chancellor Manlio Messina, who pledged to find the necessary funds for the implementation of this new project.

“I thank – Arcidiacono and Intravaia – iThe head of the region Nello Musumeci and council member Messina on the attention paid to our city and, in general, to all Sicily. No sports facilities have been built for several years, since the last call dated back to 2013. The regional government decided to invest in a sector on which the well-being of every age group depends, and to construct or renovate sports facilities. “

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