The Amazon shopping cart is the smartest I’ve ever seen

The Amazon shopping cart is the smartest I've ever seen

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from shops Amazon (Here’s all the news about Prime Day) We’ve been talking for years, especially after the purchase by the food chain web giant all foodswhich has also recently been an excellent base to experiment for yourself Technological solutions.

Now the company founded by Jeff Bezos has announce that started in the store all foods Westford, in Massachusetts (United States) experience a new generation of smart carts (The first was launched in 2020), called Smart Dash Strollerwhich allows users scan and pay their purchases while shopping thus avoiding waiting in line at checkout.

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Amazon Smart Dash Cart: Smart Solutions

But what are the characteristics of this? smart cart? The first thing that catches your eye when you look at dash trolley (Yes, we’ve already heard the term Dash: Shop Then Abandon Buttons) is a file touch screen In the steering wheel appears to buyers one Receive in real time and Suggest Products and offers nearby.

There is also a scale for weighing loose items and of course we have a scale for weighing loose items sensor arraywith cameras And the code scanner to me bars powered by artificial intelligence Define anything you place or add and then generate the receipt in real time.

Compared to previous generationNew smart buggies They weigh less But they have more stamina (from two grocery bags to four) and are better at finding their way around stores, which will obviously allow touch screen For better visualization of products and Offers in Nearby areas. improvements Also from the point of view independence، resistance (Amazon says very difficult tests have been done.)

As for the recognition speed Of the products, the 2020 version has already been very effective (video below), so we can only imagine how it is had become Currently. With the entry of these new vehicles (Currently on beta) and Just Walk technology, Amazon is slowly moving towards automation from purchase in physical storesbut it will be some time before we can see them too in our country.

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