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Sparks on April 25 on the October 31 episode of L’Aria che Tira, the La7 TV show hosted by Mirta Merlino. “Fascist demonstrations are annoying to me, you’ve been doing the same policies for 30 years,” says Giorgio Cremaci of Potere Al Popolo, with Chicco Testa replying to Merlin, who was trying to calm the tone: “It doesn’t get along with the world, not me.”

Vittorio Sgarbi, Under-Secretary of Culture in Meloni’s government also participates in the discussion: “April 25 is not a parliament, it is not a wrong or right law, fascist or not, it is a party and it must be a party for everyone, because we are all anti-fascists, so Kremaschi is right in saying that Wrong law by Parliament, but the party is a celebration of all, not of a few. As a feast, men of the right, left, center, beyond the laws, celebrate it in the name of appeasement against fascism. If someone is not admitted to the party, the party is no longer.”

“No! You know the words liberation, not pacification. The feast of April 25th is for liberation,” Krimsky blurred, causing the art critic’s reaction: “Liberation was also done by liberals, by monarchists, and by a lot of Christian Democrats, not just communists.” Emancipation belongs to everyone, and fascism was everyone’s fault. Nerd!”

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