The agreement in the government, the green light for the decree. Draghi: A great response to poverty. From April 8, 11 billion for business’

This decree is a great response to poverty, the need to help companies and workers. It is a partial answer, but it is the most we have been able to do in this decree. ” Thus Mario Draghi provides the green light for a ruling that aims to “give more money to everyone as quickly as possible”. Payments will start on April 8th, and “If all goes well, as we expected, $ 11 billion will go into the economy,” the prime minister also explains how the newly rejected decree will work for the self-employed. . Above all, however, he insists that it will benefit the “less-rich” and “those who have lost their jobs and the benefits of being laid off.” Of course, the prime minister specifies, “This decree is a partial answer, but it is the best we have been able to do, and three-quarters of the amount is allocated to businesses.” Not surprisingly, as Palazzo Chigi Number One asserts, “we have already examined the hypothesis of being able to have a second allocation on the occasion of the presentation of the economic and financial document.” Funds, which of course also creates additional public debt. But here the prime minister is very clear: “This is not the time to think about it. The rules for the Stability Pact will be discussed and it’s hard to stay the same: Debt applications have been filed in Germany, Spain and France as well. It will be time to look at public debt, but this is not the case, in an economy that is already stagnant. ” In short, even if the debt increases, “This is not the time to think about it.” For those who have doubts about excerpts from tax bills, the Prime Minister responds, “It is an amnesty included in a bracket, for an income cap, and for very small amounts, zeroing in on the bills allows the administration, which tells me that it is overburdened, to combat tax evasion more efficiently. It is clear that the state has not succeeded, and it is important to expect a small reform of the mechanisms for collecting and paying the bills. The fact of obtaining an amnesty today will not solve the problem.

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Thus, after a wrestling that lasted two and a half hours, Minister Daniele Franco and Prime Minister Mario Draghi approved the proposal to mediate on the knot of the file, and questioned a broad amnesty. So yes, to cancel the old files, but only with an income tax not exceeding 30,000 euros. The white shot on the cards will be valid until 2011, while it was initially supposed to cover the period 2000-2015. Until 2015, this is the mediation reached in the CDM, cancellation must be linked to reform for the sake of the efficiency of the collection system requested by Lega and Fi. “The impression I got from the CDM today – Mario Draghi explains – that he saw everyone sharing around the table, trying to reconcile different points of view, was a satisfying experience and above all it went well for me. The next few are crucial: We will try to see how the economy is going, the vaccination campaign, the pandemic. ” Yes, the pandemic is another important issue for the government but above all for the country. Here, the Prime Minister explains that “the slowdown in the vaccination campaign was not catastrophic.” On AstraZeneca’s side, he says, “I haven’t made a reservation yet, – explains the prime minister – but my age group is among those who can get vaccinations, I will do that and I will do Astrazeneca, of course. My son did it the day before yesterday in London, no doubt, I don’t mind. Finally a joke about the future of the government, “Parliament will decide its time horizon – he says – the way I think about my work, and I think the ministers share with me, it is trying to do as much as possible and as quickly as possible, but the horizon is determined by Parliament only.”

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