The ad was filmed in Poets’ Bay. This is how the Italian small SUV is –

The official debut of the Fiat-branded compact crossover is scheduled for the summer, but different information is already circulating, and in Liguria, she was the star of a Hollywood ad.

after vision in Germanythe wait The Fiat 600 arrives in Liguria in grand style: it is the protagonist of a commercial filmed in the Bay of Poets. The official debut of the Fiat-branded compact crossover is scheduled for summer (July), but different information is already circulating.

Fiat 600, as is

Small SUV, which It inherits the name from the iconic 50’s and 60’s and the dimensions of the 500X (which it will replace in the range), bears the Italian tricolor on the bumper and the electric letter “e” on the tailgate. Measuring over 4 meters in length, it was born on the Stellantis compact vehicle platform and will be built in Poland at the group’s Tychy plant, formerly home to Jeep Avenger And ready to produce a new one too The Alfa Romeo crossover will arrive in 2024. The compact SUV from Torino shares more than one detail with these two models: The base used is the same (e-CMP platform) as most components. However, the design will be 100% made in Fiat.

Fiat 600, original electric (but not only)

Compared to the 500X, the new 600 has Sporty design and greater interior habitability. Of course, a clear step forward is also expected in the infotainment sector and in the mechanics that offer the possibility of adopting different types of power supplies. but At dealerships it will be electric right awayLike the model used for the advertising campaign, it will use a 54 kWh battery, with an advertised range of 400 km, rechargeable at up to 100 kW with a front electric motor rated at 156 hp. For some markets, it may also be offered in petrol and hybrid.

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The slick Fiat 600

For the shooting of the setting, produced by Twister Film, a swimming pool was built in the center of the Ligurian village, in Piazza Garibaldi. Two towers of aluminum tubes were erected, in which several cameras were placed. A gray Fiat 600 was hoisted about thirty meters above the pool for a private dive. According to some rumors, after DiCaprio’s testimonial from the Electric 500, Fiat had hired another Hollywood star (reportedly Johnny Depp) to launch the small SUV..

May 25, 2023, 10:30 a.m. — Updated May 25, 2023, 2:41 p.m.

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