The 730 can also be offered jointly but what is the convenience and what do you do to send it yourself

From May 23, the Revenue Agency will provide 730, which can also be dispatched jointly. But what does this mean?

This year, the Revenue Agency was late in making the tax return and 730 pre-filled on its website. Meanwhile, he posted a file A calendar with all the dates to remember And education is on the agenda.

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The deadline to file your tax return is September 30, 2022, but filing the 730 first has some advantages. In fact, if the repayment by credit arrives early, while if it is due, the repayment installments will be more numerous and spread out over months.

730 can be served jointly

The 730 can also be offered jointly. what does that mean? This means that the permit can be submitted to both spouses. Typically, 730 is used jointly when a taxpayer does not have a withholding agent.

Being a couple doesn’t just mean being Couples married by civil or religious ceremony, but also to be part of a civil union. Thus, this last category of spouses can also jointly file the declaration.

In a jointly filed 730 compilation, the “settler” shall be the spouse who has the withholding agent or who has the person to whom the return is being filed. or the person selected to make tax adjustments. If you want the adjustment to be made by your employer or the pension organization, you must check two boxes: “Authorized” and “Joint Declaration.” On the other hand, the spouse only has to check the “Declare Spouse” box.

However, it should be noted that to file the 730 jointly, the incomes of the spouses must be those that can be included on this form and not those that must be included in the 2022 natural persons form.

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How to present it

Starting May 23, the Revenue Agency will make available 730 pre-packaged on its website. The ad can be accessed via SPID credentialsOr CIE (Electronic Identity Card) or CNS (National Service Card). Alternatively, as of September 30, 2021, Fiscoonline credentials are no longer accepted. However, in order not to make mistakes, you can contact CAF, beneficiaries or other qualified professionals for help with the assembly.

Please note that for credit or debit payments, they depend on the date the return is filed. The 730’s pre-assembled feature is DIY. In fact, the taxpayer will be able to verify the data, correct any errors and possibly merge it and eventually send the declaration to the Revenue Agency.

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