The 5 most beautiful sofas in the catalog

People’s relationship with the sofa generally falls into two categories: those who are looking for a sofa on which they can spend unforgettable hours relaxing or those who do not stop even for a minute at home and look for the sofa that is complete. Furniture. Whether you are a first or second party, the important thing is to choose a sofa that is right for you, then here the Poltronesofà catalog is what you need to be able to choose the best!

Poltronisova It is one of the top trusted brands if you are thinking of buying Couch the new. The index By Poltronesofà includes many models sofas: in fabric, leather, corner pieces, sofa-bed and many more. Choosing a sofa for your home is key whether you’re lazy waiting for a 48-hour non-stop weekend, or whether you’re interpreting it as just a piece of furniture. In any case, the choice of sofa determines your personality and the personality of your home. So let’s see together what a file 5 more beautiful Among all we can find in the Poltronesfà store.

Alphonsine: the perfect corner sofa for modern relaxation

poltronesofà . fabric

It is a complete sofa, with lift possibility footrestand with buff Container from the same line sold separately. Perfect for a modern and customizable design. Possibility to adjust the footrest in the side element where there is one sitting Equipped relaxation mechanism Electric allowing for customizable adjustments. The armrest is also adjustable to allow for different positioning for different needs. It is available in 2 or 3 places or with chaise longue angular;

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Taro: leather sofa with sleigh feet

Taro pot and sofa

Taro hides inside a functional sliding mechanism that allows a few gestures to get a real full island Relax. The backrests are divided into two parts, this model has clearly thought lumbar support which supports the back and the headrest is adjustable. The choice on model type is wide and ranges from classic two-seater to angular. When needed it becomes a double bed.

Calenzano: corner sofa without armrests

Calizano Poltronisova

Calinzano is a sofa that stands out on its own modern structure And the Necessary And the large dimensions that also make it a valuable piece of furniture to accommodate more people. What distinguishes this sofa is the absence of armrests, in fact, instead of an arm, there is a practical container cushion that is attached to the structure of the model. The wide peninsula features 2 different mechanismsThe first part of the arm, which is closest to the backrests, has an internal mechanism that makes the armrest adjustable, while the second part of the arm features a mechanism that allows it to be used as a backrest. The roller cushion can be placed on this backrest. However, the real added value is the sliding mechanism inside that allows you to extract a top that can be used bed rack. With the slider open, and all the arms lowered, the sofa has an extra wide surface that allows you to lie on a whole family of 4. Really beautiful, both in the sofa version and in the king size bed version.

Bel Sogno: Sofa with chaise longue, elegant and refined

belsogno poltronesofà

Let’s go see M line * by Poltronesofà, a line that aims to add a touch of glam to a high-end design. beautiful dream،elegant And an imperceptible structure supported by shaped metal feet. The armrest It has a low structure topped by a cushion with a mechanism that allows it to be lifted in different positions. Large seats made of polyurethane foam ensure maximum comfort; The headrests are high and adjustable so taller people can sit and find comfort and functionality.

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Wing strokes: a symmetrical “floor” sofa

sofa poltronesofà

Really great aesthetics, that sofa that, like Bel Sogno, belongs to the M * line. beat Dali It is a harmonious sofa, raised off the floor, born from the skillful hands, instinct and passion of the skilled craftsman Bruno Brigante. The chaise longue seats have very high backrests and padding. Possible customization for this beautiful sofa There are many: you can choose it linearly with 3, 4 or 5 seats, you can tie these seats buff Formatted to provide more seat comfort and, above all, the possibility to fully extend the legs when using it. Obviously, you can also buy it with a peninsula, on the right or on the left, and therefore, if you connect the pillow to this model, you get 4 seats in which everyone can provide complete comfort.

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