The 35-year-old US discovers that her gynecologist is also her biological father

Hillquist explained that she was born through IVF. His mother had addressed the man in question, who is now 70 years old Maurice Wortman, only to undergo infertility treatment. She was told the sperm had been donated by a “medical student at the University of Rochester Medical Center”. Instead, as DNA testing later explained, it came from Wortman.

progressive discovery – In April, while on a date, Hellquist began to suspect that Wortman might be his biological father. According to reports from Washington PostIn fact, the doctor asked her to take off her mask so that she could look at her features better, and began to talk to her about himself, and also invited his current wife to come to the study to see the resemblance. At that point, Hellquist began his “investigation.”

The following month, the 35-year-old and one of her half-brothers persuaded Wortman’s eldest daughter to take a DNA test. The examination confirmed the girl’s suspicions.

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