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The 30-year-old was in a coma for two months in Australia due to anorexia

The Sardinian woman was in Melbourne for work: two months before they found her unconscious in the house where she was staying as a husband. Doctors noted a general breakdown of all internal organs …

Not long ago Persian Mara I left to arrive Australia With a promise, she takes care of herself.

But about two months ago, the 30-year-old girl from Fluminimaggiore (southern Sardinia) was found unconscious in the home of the family that hosted her: her body collapsed due to Loss of appetite that has reached its limitIt is a problem that the girl has been dealing with since she was thirteen years old.

Now he is in a coma atAlfred Hospital in Melbourne. Parents Paolo and Donatella traveled to Australia and dreamed of bringing Mara home, but there is no money to pay for transportation.

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it’s time for symbiosis: The mobilization has actually begun to allow for a return trip to the other side of the world to Brotzu Hospital in Cagliari.

The 30-year-old went to Australia on business: here she was a husband. His life changed two months ago. One morning I was found lying unconscious. According to the doctors’ diagnosis, Mara allegedly has General breakdown of all internal organs. The family would have given little hope that he would wake up.

The Mayor of Fluminimaggiore Marco Correas started Online fundraisingrecounting the challenge that awaits “two respectable and honest parents, like the whole family, who have so far been able at the cost of enormous sacrifices to remain by Mara’s side thanks to the contributions of the community of Fluminimaggiore and the Diocese of Caritas in Iglesias. Doctors at Alfred Hospital have now given the possibility to be able to bring Mara back to Sardinia, to the Prozzo hospital in Cagliari, but with the few possibilities they have, the parents will only be able to do it with great help. ”

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“The journey that should bring back Mara Sardinia“It’s a commercial flight, but it’s well-equipped from a healthcare standpoint,” continues Corrias, promoter of the national group. Expensive for a normal family. That is why we have contacted Farnesina, who, through the Consul General in Melbourne, Hannah Pappalardo, is following up on the case, even though she has already made it clear that she will try to find a portion of the funds for the trip of Mara and her parents.”

Anyone who wants to help, big or small, can refer to Fundraising official page.

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