The 3.5 season update is coming, and the strangest part is the name –

We are now in the third season of Fall guys For 7 weeks, fans were looking forward to new content. Some of the new features of the multiplayer game come with an extension Dedicated update for Season 3.5. The strangest part of this update, in the perfect Fall Guys style, is the name the community has picked up.

The Official name Fall Guys Season 3.5 update in original language, ”Stop with yeets, name it anything else, just don’t write yeet word please i beg youNo, it’s not a joke, you can see it yourself at the bottom of the tweet. The translation is: “Stop using yeet, give it a different name, just don’t include the word yeet, please I beg you. ”

Throws hardIt is a popular internet term in English, made popular through the Vine video. It means ‘throwing something with great force’, although it is sometimes used as a simple exclamation for fun. The Fall Guys community has, long ago, been nicknamed rotary hammers that throw characters.Leetus the GreatMaking the word “yeet” an internal meme in the game.

But let’s talk about the real news dedicated to the Fall Guys 3.5 season. it will be A new level, more than forty variations of the current levelsIntroducing the new “Autumn Feed” that indicates in real time players who have been excluded from the match. Additionally, new DLCs and new outfits will arrive in the coming weeks, such as those dedicated to Godzilla, Sonic and Goose Game.

Will the Fall Guys reach Xbox and Game Pass? For Xbox yes, but Devolver summons and denies the Devil.

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