The 29th edition of the wheelchair tennis “Enel Livorno” begins

The 29th edition of the historic Palazzo Comunale wheelchair tennis tournament, which this year will take place at the Circolo Libertas Sport courts in via dei Condotti Vecchi in Livorno from September 23 to 26, has been presented.

Friday 17 September 2021 – 16:39

sDissatisfaction at Palazzo Comunale The 29th edition of the Enel City of Livorno wheelchair tennis tournament, which will be held this year on stadiums Circulo Libertas Sport Via dei Condotti Vecchi in Livorno from September 23 to 26.

This year’s tournament, organized by the Association Sport Insieme Livorno, sponsored by the municipality of Livorno, orSpita 20 players from all over Italy. High-level tennis players participate, as well as those entering important competitions for the first time.
An interesting and unique aspect of wheelchair tournaments is being in the same tournament All levels of play. This allows beginners to compare themselves with their peers and with the best Italian tennis players.
It will be the 2021 edition of the “Wheelchair Tennis Championships” Valid for national ranking. Both men and women categories will participate in the tournament.

Wheelchair tennis rules It’s the same as tennis. The field has the same dimensions, the height of the grid is identical. The only exception is that a player can let the ball bounce twice before returning it. This possibility is rarely used by the best in the world, because, even in wheelchair tennis, speed Play is an essential and indispensable thing.

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The tournament was born 29 years ago, the first three editions were intended only for national players, the next 13 editions were of an international nature and then returned to the national team.

Sport Insieme Livorno . Association (Sil), belonging to Italian Tennis FederationIn all her activities, she can count on the support of many sponsors. between financial partners Those collaborating with the Tournament Organizing Association are: Circolo Libertas Sport, Ortopedia Michelotti-Lucca, Micron srl-Livorno, NB Officinanica Navale-Livorno, Fisios-Livorno, Seajet-Livorno, Teleflex and Circolo Fishing and boating in Ardenza-Livorno, Pharmacy of Perini Livorno, Municipality of Livorno.

Wheelchair tennis was born in the United States in the late 1970s, and in 1980 it was made official by the International Federation. The first European tennis exchange took place in France in the early 1980s.
French Jean-Pierre Limburg (presented in Livorno for 11 years), he went to the United States for professional reasons, had the opportunity to attend a match and had the idea of ​​bringing this sport to our continent. This discipline arrived in Italy in the late 1980s. Pioneers are called Alessio Focardi, Massimo Porcini, Enrico Rendi.

Today the Italian Absolute Championships, in-house, team, national and international tournaments are held in Italy. Our country is one of the world’s leading regulatory countries.

The purpose of SIL, on the one hand, is to create conditions for exercise, regardless of physical condition, on the other hand “Use” sport as a way to get information about the problems inherent in the world of disability And motivate many boys and girls to reintegrate into society.

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The wheelchair tennis tournament is an opportunity to Get closer to the world of disability Attending high-level competitions and a stimulating opportunity for all disabled people who have not yet played sports to be able to get close to them.

“The will of the management is to support the championship, which since last year has returned to play in Livorno – said Mayor of Salveti During the presentations press conference – as we have done in previous editions. From now on, we are preparing to face the 30th anniversary with important initiatives.”

funny claudioThe tournament director, after thanking the mayor for the welcome in the municipal house and Circolo Libertas Sport that host the matches, explained the event and invited the citizens to the event.

male category:

Challenges among the best players of the Italian standings, 4 out of the top twenty, in the 32-inch draw.

Zinni Giovanni (LO) No. 9

Grande Luciano (RM) No. 11

Mini Luca (LI) No. 20

Corione Mauro (CO) No. 27

Mantini Gianluca (PS) No. 30

Perfigli Giacomo (MS) No. 33

Sabatelli Yuri (FI) n.53

Greco Pasquale (PO) No. 62

Codega Nicola (MS) No. 67

female category:

Tolo Maria Paula (SS) No. 7

Quassinti Monica (PI) No. 8

Francesca Baldini

to get information: Sports Together Livorno Tel. 320-31.22.076

Tournament Manager: Claudio Rigolo phone. 347-35.15.259

secretariat: Aurora Rabelle Tel. 349-68.10.409

E-mail: [email protected];


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